Robust Security. Instant SSL / TLS Certificates.

We offer to you a whole host of SSL / TLS certificates from the World leaders like Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, Geo Trust etc. because security is never a compromise. Our Partnership with these providers has allowed us to provide you the certificates at amazingly affordable prices. From Domain Only Validation to Organizational Validation to Extended Validation with Green Bar, the choices are many for you to secure your websites and communications.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL / TLS Certificates

DV or a Domain Validated Certificate is a certificate that only requires you to verify that you are the owner of your domain. This occurs by receiving an email that is sent to the WHOIS information or email addresses belonging to that domain to verify that you own the rights to use the domain. This happens immediately for fast issuance, but sometimes lacks trust because almost anyone can get a DV certificate issued.


Organization Validated (OV) SSL / TLS Certificates

In an Organization Validated Certificates, the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) validates your organization information to make sure you are an actual organization. They verify the Organization Name, Physical Address, and Phone Number. This data must match with the WHOIS information and also a public Government Information website or an approved Third-Party Website before being issued. OV certificates add more trust to a consumer because they are assured that they are doing business with a real corporate entity.


Extended Validation (EV) SSL / TLS Certificates

EV or Extended Validation Certificates (also known as "Green Bar" Certificates) are recognized and known as the most highly trusted type of SSL certificate. During the EV verification process, the issuing vendor or CA totally verifies that you are a legitimate business and in good standing above and beyond an OV verification process. Once this process is successfully completed and your EV SSL is issued, all of the browser indicators will be activated on your site to let your customers know that you can be trusted. The most important indicator that becomes active is the "Green Bar" in a user's web browser. Research shows that people are aware of the green bar and view it as being trustworthy. EV certificates are the only certificates where potential ROI exists…because more trust means more confidence; which could mean they are more likely to buy from you.


Multi-Domain SSL / TLS Certificates

Secure Multiple Domains with a single SSL Certificate. Helps reduce cost and eases certificate Management.


Wildcard Certificates

Secure hundreds of subdomains with a single SSL / TLS certificate.


Other SSL / TLS Certificates

These certificates are used for special purposes like scanning your website for vulnerabilities or even to secure your email and other communications.



An SSL/TLS certificate helps you secure your website communication between your server and your customers or employees. When anyone connects to a website with an SSL certificate, a direct secure connection is established between their device and the website. Any information transmitted while the SSL connection is established is secure. TLS is the newer version of SSL.

A domain validated certificate validates only the domain name that the SSL certificate is issued to. The SSL certificate can only confirm if that particular domain name is secure and not which organization it has been issued to. This is useful for securing internal domain names or non-common addresses. However, using this for a publicly well-known website is not recommended as it does not validate the Organization that the certificate is issued to neither will it show a green address bar when a user connects to the website. This will reduce the trust factor from a user's perspective since genuine companies have SSL certificates that are at least Organizationally validated. These certificates are instantly issued and in some cases may take up to 24hours.

An Organization Validated certificate is where both the domain name and the organization the certificate was issued to is validated. This helps by creating additional trust for users connecting to your website since they can be sure that they are connecting to a website that is run by the right organization and is not a spoofed website. However, this type of certificate does not provide a green address bar which is considered as the ultimate assurance of security. These certificates could take up to 1-2 weeks to get issued since it has to go through the verification process for that organization.

An Extended Validation certificate verifies the domain name the certificate was issued to, the organization the certificate was issued to and provides the green address bar which is considered worldwide as the top level of security assurance. Your users can confidently connect and transact on your website as they can be rest assured that their communications are secure and are connected with the correct organization. These certificates generally take 1-2 Weeks to get issued as they pass through a stringent verification process.