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Domain Names FAQ

DNS are a set of servers that manage all attributes of your domain name. When someone types in your domain name in their browser, it is the DNS that automatically routes their request to the correct server where your domain is located. All the domains that you register through us come with full DNS control. This allows you to create custom records on the DNS for example have your domain route to your web hosting server for loading your website (A record) and route all your emails to another location like Google Apps (MX record)

We normally inform you at least 30 days in advance of your domain expiry so that you have ample time to get around to renewing it. However, if for some reason you were unable to renew your domain, then for 30 days from the day of expiry, the domain will stop routing to your website and instead show up a domain renewal page. Your emails associated with the domain will stop working too. During this period, you could reactivate your domain by paying the renewal fees without any additional charges. After the 30 day period, the domain will go into a 45 day period known as the "Pending Delete Restorable". This is a hold period before your domain is released back into the public domain for anyone to register it as a fresh domain. Restoring the domain back to a working condition during this period is an expensive affair and could up to ₹5,000 in some cases. We strongly recommend all our users to register their domain before expiry to avoid any possibility of someone else grabbing your domain.

Yes you can, however it is pointless to have a domain name without a web hosting provider because when someone types your domain name in their browser, it will fail to load a page or route to a generic domain parking page. This in turn could affect the trust others have on your domain name. Unless you are planning to hold onto a particular domain name to use at a later time or just for email, we always recommend you get web hosting along with your domain name.

ccTLD refers to country specific domain names. For example .in is an India specific domain name and .us is a United States specific domain name. Although they are meant to be registered for a country specific site or business, generally anyone from anywhere in the world can register for country specific domain names (with the exception of a few countries) even if they are not associated with that particular country. For example you might want to register a domain name associated with cookies and would prefer to register where the .es stands for Spain specific ccTLD.

Yes. One of the features we offer with the domain names is Full DNS control which means you can configure your domain whichever way your need suits you whether that be configuring it with another email provider like Google Apps etc.

Yes we do for generally available domain names. We offer over 120 domain name extensions available for you to register. However, domain names which has to go through a certifying authority like .gov for government related or .edu for educated related or .res for research related etc. are not available for registration through us.