₹ 599

  • 1 vCPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • No Free Domain Name
  • 2
    Domains Allowed
  • 10GB
    SSD Disk Space
  • 25GB
    Data Transfer
  • 3
    MariaDB Databases
  • 99.9% Uptime



  • 3 vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • Unlimited
    Domains Allowed
  • 75GB
    SSD Disk Space
  • 170GB
    Data Transfer
  • 25
    MariaDB Databases
  • 99.9% Uptime




Applicable on Personal & Professional yearly cloud hosting packages
*For first time users for first year only

Premium Features


True Cloud

Hosted on the world's most robust & true cloud platform.


Pure SSDs

Runs on super fast real SSD hard drives natively.



Content caching proxy for instantaneous loading.


Free SSL

Instantly secure your websites for free.


LiteSpeed API

The fastest PHP processor mod_lsapi for instant pages.



Responsive & faster than traditional MySQL engine.


Inbuilt IPv6

Readily usable future proof IPv6 addresses.



Cloudflare integration for security & content delivery.


CSF Firewall

Stay DDoS protected with web application firewall.


PHP Selector

Switch between multiple PHP versions.



Account level isolation for guranteed performance.


Control Panel

Industry leading, easy & feature rich dashboard.



One click install hundreds of applications. e.g: Wordpress.


Offsite Backups

Secure cloud backups keep your data safe.


Premium Support

No nonsense, helpful & knowledgeable support 24x7.


Unlimited Email

Create & use as many email accounts you want.

More than Just Cloud Hosting

Our services which are backed by state of the art technologies and robust networks give you unmatched reliability.

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Shared Hosting
Highly distributed High Performance Cloud infrastructure

Our services run on servers on the cloud that are highly distributed across multiple data centers to ensure not just high performance of your websites but provide redundancy to keep your sites up and running even in case of hardware failure of a server node or data center location.

Encrypted storage with high redundancy

Security is not just SSL support for your websites but also ensuring that the data behind those sites are secure as well, which is why we offer encrypted storage as an add-on service for any data stored on our servers. Data redundancy across multiple locations by default provides you a reliability of 99.999999999%.

SSL Security

All our services are SSL secured by default and provide you the option of adding an SSL certificate for your website as well.


Highest industry standard Firewalls both hardware and software are in place to ensure your sites are protected even before the threat reaches the server.

Encrypted Storage

Option to encrypt data stored on the server with multi location redundancy and operational reliability of 99.999999999%.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Year on Year we have maintained our commitment to our customers and ensured our promised of uptime is fulfilled. We know how important your websites are for you which is why we are already fixing the problem even before you see it.

24x7 Support Anytime, Anywhere

No nonsense, no canned replies and to the point. Our whole business has been built around providing world class support to all our clients anytime, anywhere. We thrive in seeing you happy with our services and making the best use of it.

Support Tickets

An easy way to report and track an issue is to log a support ticket through our billing portal. Our Average response time for ticket resolution is under 30 Mins

24X7 Phone Support

Need immediate assistance with something? Or not sure what exactly the problem is? Give us a call anytime.

Social Media

Reach us through our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Links are at the bottom of every page.

Cloud Hosting FAQ

In a normal shared hosting setup, your account is setup on a single server which is shared with many other users and sometimes when other users on the same server consume more than their fair share, your sites will slow down and even be affected negatively by blacklisted IPs due to SPAM by other users. Also, if a problem affects your shared server, it could lead to long durations of downtime till the server your account is on is fixed. On the other hand, in cloud hosting, your account is setup on a group of servers and each user account is virtually caged so as to have zero impact on any other account. This also allows us to assign higher computational resources to each account. Not only this, since your account is not limited to a single server, the probability of your account experiencing any downtime due to server issues is next to nil. Our cloud hosting platform is setup on the world’s most reliable and trusted cloud network - Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that you get the benefit of the most cutting edge cloud technologies without the need to worry about the complexities of setting it up yourself.

Yes, you absolutely can. A domain name and cloud hosting work independent of each other. You will just have to add a couple of entries to your domain settings inside your domain control panel to get your website to load from our cloud hosting platform.

The storage disks that hold your website information on our servers are of the type SSD (Solid State Device) which is a form of hard disk that does not have any moving parts which allows it to write and read data at extremely high speeds compared to traditional magnetic disk based drives. Think of it like a very large USB pen drive. Using SSD disks allows us to ensure that your websites load super quick to keep your customers interested.

There are several technologies that help load your website inside the web browser when someone types in your website address. In order run a successful website, you have to ensure your site loads as fast as possible in the browser. Nginx is one such server technology that saves bits of information (caching proxy) which is immediately provided to the browser for loading upon request instead of searching the server every time someone requests for it. This technology combined with Apache servers ensures your site is instantly accessible.

Just like the technology Nginx which we talked about in the previous question, Litespeed is another such server technology that allows more complex scripts (PHP) on your website to load several times faster than it would traditionally do in a normal setup. Instantaneous page loads are a very good thing!

We are partnered with a global consortium called LetsEncrypt that allows anyone with a domain name to register a free SSL certificate for life. While other providers still charge you for applying an SSL security certificate on your website, we have allowed this integration which helps you to secure your site automatically and instantly. The SSL security certificate will allow your customers to access your site using an HTTPS url which will show a green padlock symbol in the address bar just like the one you see above on our site. This will increase the confidence of users in your site knowing that the information they enter is encrypted between them and the server.

MariaDB is a popular variation of the traditional MySQL database. While at the core it is almost exactly similar to MySQL, there are several performance advantages using MariaDB. For starters, when we moved from MySQL to MariaDB, we saw a 7x performance increase in our database queries. What all this translates to is a super-fast database that will allow your site to load up instantly compared to hosting with a traditional MySQL database.

Our cloud hosting services are built ground up with security in mind. We employ an array of technologies to provide you the maximum possible security from known threats that try to hack into your websites. As a starting point, we deploy several web application firewalls and network level firewalls that provide your website protection from the most commonly deployed web attacks. While the inherent nature of our cloud setup also provides isolation of your account from others. This isolation helps prevent any kind of chain hacks that result from another neighbouring account being hacked. Additionally we offer you the ability to integrate with Cloudflare DDoS protection as an extended line of defence.

Your account on our cloud service is automatically backed up regularly to an offsite location in the cloud. This allows us to recover your data from the external source in case of an unforeseeable eventuality where the data is not available on the same servers as your account is. This is an additional layer of security and redundancy that we have added as a default which would have cost a premium otherwise.

For over a decade we have been dedicated to providing reliable hosting services to the Indian market. While we will be expanding to other regions in the near future, at this moment, our services are exclusive to the Indian Subcontinent.